XTS3000 CodePlug

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XTS3000 CodePlug

Post by tgrahmann »

Hi, everyone. Currently looking for an XTS3000 Codeplug for the model # H09UCH9PW7BN radio. If anyone has one that would be greatly appreciated. Was programming my radio and the cable became disconnected from the device before the program was flashed. And before you ask, no, sadly I did not save the original as this was my first time programming a Motorola radio and I've never had to use a CodePlug, etc. Before.

Thanks in Advance!

(files can graciously be sent to tygrahmann@gmail.com)
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Re: XTS3000 CodePlug

Post by saberjerk »

The codeplug supersite has the .cpg file but I don't think that will help you.
I have some VHF xts3000 srecs but that's all I have. Sorry
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Re: XTS3000 CodePlug

Post by MotoRadioMan »

Sorry for the late reply.

Was the 800 Meg file ever located? I may be able to help out, if not.

I am actually looking for VHF XTS3000 Model 3 S-Rec or DOS Codeplug myself. i found a model 2, just not model 3 - which is what I need.
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Re: XTS3000 CodePlug

Post by kj4chv »

PM me I have a couple
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