Astro Consolette Paging Encoder HELP!

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Astro Consolette Paging Encoder HELP!

Post by Rstanchina »

Hi there,

I am in desperate need of assistance connecting a Zetron Model 15P Paging Encoder to an Astro Spectra Consolette.

I have the service manuals for both products, and have made several attempts at creating a DB25 pinout that will work, but have not had any luck. I will admit that I am completely winging alot of this, and have little experience working with creating custom cables to make things happen with the Spectras. I am hesitant to do much experimenting, because I do not want to risk damaging either the encoder or the consolette.

So here is where I am at:

On the paging encoder, I have several connections: +12-14VDC, system ground, audio out, and PTT (There are 3 possible connections for PTT: PTT Normally Open, PTT Common (which is jumped to the system ground), and PTT Normally Closed). I have tried using both PTT Normally Open and Normally Closed.

On the radio there are of course 25 pins on each accessory connector, I am focusing on connector 2 because it does not appear that connector 3 will work for what I need, but I don't know anything for sure.

I have power and ground figured out, those two were easy, and I know they are correct because the encoder powers up, and it would not if I missed one of those. I also have the audio correct, but not the PTT. I can send a page from the encoder, and if I manually key the radio with the desk mic, it will transmit the tones over the air, but I cannot get the encoder to make the radio key.

Please help!
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Re: Astro Consolette Paging Encoder HELP!

Post by wavetar »

Use a multi-meter to ensure the "PTT Normally Open" is going to ground when you transmit the tones. If it is, then tell us what accessory pin you are trying to use in the consolette.
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Re: Astro Consolette Paging Encoder HELP!

Post by Jim202 »

This information is for an Astro Spectra consolette. I will have to check the pin connections for the Astro Digital consolette.

Ground on the consolette DB-25 is pin 12.

PTT on the consolette is pin 10.

There should be 2 connectors on the consolette. The upper one is the one you want to use if my memory is correct. Lower one doesn't have any PTT connection.

On the page encoder, you should be grounding the "common" of the PTT relay and the "normally open" should be wired to the PTT input on the radio.

One word of experience is you also need to set up an audio delay in the paging encoder of at least 500 milliseconds. This is to allow all the radios to come up and be active before you send any paging tones. If your using a repeater, you might want to make this delay even longer.

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