Astro Spectra VHF info request

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Astro Spectra VHF info request

Post by Jim202 »

OK everyone, now it's my time to ask the questions.

Have been given several VHF Astro Spectra radios. Have been having fun programming them. But found 2 things that seem to not fit into my thinking. The first is if I input a repeater frequency and then set up the direct use (Talk Around) of the RX frequency, the radio will not let me add a PL to the simplex TX frequency unless the RX frequency is also set for PL. Right now the RX is set for carrier squelch.

Next question is multi PL. On the Syntor X9000, the normal Spectra radios, the XTL2500 and XTL5000, plus the APX series radios all let you use multi PL. But on the Astro Spectra, I don't see any way of using a MPL selection or even setting the control head buttons to use MPL.

Am I missing something or is this the normal 3rd grade system programmers that Motorola loves to use? These radios will let me program both wide band and narrow band frequency deviation.

The model of these radios is: T04JLH9PW9AN-4CM

Anyone have some feedback on these 2 items?

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Re: Astro Spectra VHF info request

Post by Code3 »

For your first Question, I think the thinking here is that if you have users with direct enabled with an RX PL tone, how will they hear the repeater that is not transmitting a PL.. They would be transmitting and receiving with a PL while the repeater output is not, and potentially interfering with each other.

That said, you can override this setting at your own peril under Conventional -> General -> Direct Frequency (Enabled). When this option checked, the direct frequency is entirely programmable.

As for your second question, the Astro Spectra is not capable of MPL.
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