KG to mode assignment

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KG to mode assignment

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Looking for a basic description of how to associate a multi algo encryption board to specific modes in an Astro spectra or even radio wide. I have a KG-1 DES-OFB KG-2 DES-XL board in an Astro Spectra, how do I associate DES-Xl and not DES-OFB to a particular mode. Also should this effect key-loading. I seen posted that the algo board doesn't care which keyloader as long as it is the correct algo. Does the keyloader load both algo's when loading. I have a T1311DX keyloader and it has works on basically all my other modules, this one seems to have a problem loading, it appear to talk to it, but get the Keyfail beep. When I hit the ON button after loading I get an error code? of cfb 2c. I have tried ticking the Multikey CKR and or migrate from Secure-net in programming but that gives me a bad code-plug error.
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Re: KG to mode assignment

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Look for "DES-XL TX Default" under Secure options in the individual personality. Checking that box will force the radio to transmit DES-XL on P25 personalities. It will always decode DES-XL and DES-OFB transparently, and of course on analog channels you are forced to use DES-XL.

The same key is used for DES-OFB and DES-XL in both P25 and analog.
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