Astro Spectra scan setting

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Astro Spectra scan setting

Post by radiocat37 »

I have an Astro Spectra VHF 110W W4. It has been awhile since I have programmed one and am trying to set the scan up for user select scan. Can someone point me in the right direction on the user select scan settings.
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Re: Astro Spectra scan setting

Post by triptolemus »

Short version is something like this...

Under Conventional Personality / Scan: Make a scan list selection. Decide if the personality will be Automatic Scan (usually no).

Under Scan List, make Non-Priority Members = "Operator Select". You have some options here for Priority member. When configured properly, the operator can change the priority member to something other than Selected Channel.

Under Control Head, assign a buttons to functions Scan and Sel. You will press and hold Scan to enter Scan List Program mode. See page 46 here for information on programming a scan list and using dynamic priority: ... -guide.pdf

You may also wish to add a Del button for Nuisance Delete; useful when you want to temporarily drop a channel from the scan list. The scan list reverts to its programmed state after a mode change or power off/on.
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