Astro Spectra "squelch" level

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Astro Spectra "squelch" level

Post by ClyneSnowtail »

I am currently in the process of running through four Range 3 UHF high power AS that me and a few friends went in together on, and part of what I did was characterize the RX performance in preparation of possibly adding preamp to all them. Pick the worst one and add it and see if its worth the effort before doing the other 3.
I was attempting to get 12db and 20db SINAD readings but I had a problem getting the 12db so I ended up just using when the radio opened squelch.
Of the 4 there are two 2005 builds, a '99 and a '98.
The 2005 Astros open up at 8-10db. No problem there finding 12db.
But the two older units open at 13-14db. So they are already past the 12db point and as a result in my spreadsheet these two look worse however if you look at the 20db numbers they are all within a db or two of the newer units.

Im wondering if there is a way to tweak the older units to open up a little earlier. I havent found anything in CPS or Tuner.

Thanks for any replies even if its just "Not possible"
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Re: Astro Spectra "squelch" level

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yes it is possible however it involves editing the srecord
there is a post on the other M support site with details
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