XTS2500 Transmitting After Being Turned Off?

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XTS2500 Transmitting After Being Turned Off?

Post by dlnorth »

I'm trying to figure out how a radio could continue transmitting after the power has been shut off. I was using a lapel mic on my XTS 2500 and after the initial mic key up, the radio continued to transmit, even though I had released the PTT on the mic. When I was advised that my mic was stuck open, I pressed it again a couple of times, hoping to get it to release. When that did not work, I turned off the power, however the radio continued to transmit. The volume switch was in the off position and there were no lights or display visible on the radio. The radio appeared to be off. This continued for about a minute and did not stop until I pulled the battery.

I did not hit the emergency button and there was no indication on my side or the dispatcher's that I did.

Not sure if it matters, but this was on a P25 trunked system.

I am reluctant to use the radio again until I can be sure this will not happen again. I can certainly understand a mic getting stuck, but I've never heard of a radio continuing to transmit after the power has been turned off, unless the emergency button has been pressed, which did not happen in this case. The radio will be going to the shop tomorrow to be checked out, but I'm curious to know if anyone has seen this before or know what could cause this to happen.
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Re: XTS2500 Transmitting After Being Turned Off?

Post by ScannerDan »

Sounds like an issue with the lapel mic. Did you by chance remove it to see if the problem goes away?

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Re: XTS2500 Transmitting After Being Turned Off?

Post by RFguy »

Do a quick test. Transmit on the speaker mic, while holding the PTT button down, turn the radio off. I suspect the radio may not power down until you release the PTT button.

This may help prove it's a bad mic.
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Re: XTS2500 Transmitting After Being Turned Off?

Post by Karl NVW »

It is possible if the P25 system owner uses positive subscriber access ("whitelist") to detect intruders and then latches them into "Radio Monitor" mode to obtain voiceprint recordings. Another posibility is if the radios are programmed to auto-key after the emergency button is tripped.
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