APX7500 Consolette Rear Panel Question

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APX7500 Consolette Rear Panel Question

Post by intel861 »

Is it possible to plug a second mic into the rear panel? For example, using a deskmic with a RJ45 jack to add a second microphone.

Basically, I have a consolette setup across the room. It is tied to a ceiling speaker for audio. I am wanting to plug a microphone into the back to extend the microphone to the desk, possibly 2 microphones if possible. Just being lazy, so I don't have to get up and walk across the room to key up the microphone on the control head.

I know I can do it with a remote, but all I'm really needing to send back to it is TX Audio. I looked through the consolette settings but didn't see anything that would allow that. I did try to set wireline to hardware PTT, but that didn't work.

Anyone ever do anything like that before, with out a remote?

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Re: APX7500 Consolette Rear Panel Question

Post by fire-medic8104 »

If anyone is trying to do something like this, I never had luck with this.

We tried numerous settings using the headset RJ45 plug and determined it is not possible without the interface box. I can make it PTT but no through audio. This may be part of the DIP switch settings, but I haven't been able to find what they are.

I was hoping to get it at the DB25 connector, but none of the functions in the service manual show mic hi,so unable to get audio that way. I found PTT and ground, but no mic hi.

I guess remote is the only other way. I am going to try to test a few more things, but so far no luck.
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