APX 8500 Menu Items

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APX 8500 Menu Items

Post by mhodgson »

I know I am missing something stupid but maybe someone will be able to jog my memory.....

Programmed up an APX8500 today, all bands, most P25 necessary options, brand new radio from Motorola. In the menu items set up, we have entered menu items for both conventional and trunked personalities. The show up correctly in CPS but when the radio is programmed, they do not appear on the O3 head itself. I know I have seen this before and cant for the life of me remember what direction I went to go to "fix" it.

Any suggestions welcome.


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Re: APX 8500 Menu Items

Post by crazyboy »

What menu items?
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Re: APX 8500 Menu Items

Post by n1gtl »

You're not giving enough information to get an accurate answer. What menu items are not showing up? If it is a feature that is not programmed into the personality, it wont show up. P25 specific menu items will not show up if you're on an analog channel. If you have a Scan and Nuisance Delete button set but you don't have a scan list assigned to the personality, the menu items will not appear. Check things like this.
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