APX APC Codes Blurred

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APX APC Codes Blurred

Post by fineshot1 »

Remember the days when you could read the serial number of a radio and
know the exact model number by the first three digits. Not anymore.
Motorola has blurred the APX series APC codes. You can have an
APX7000, APX8000, or and APX8500 with a serial number starting off
with the number 581. I found this out by doing a search in one of our
database's that we maintain for record keeping reasons. Chalk this one
up to a break with the past. Oh well - us old farts just don't get it!
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Re: APX APC Codes Blurred

Post by spectragod »

Even older, the Spectra series radios we had in our fleet started with 581..... the good old days I guess
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Re: APX APC Codes Blurred

Post by escomm »

Part number nomenclature used to mean something :o
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