APX Vehicle Adapter - O3 HHCH possible?

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APX Vehicle Adapter - O3 HHCH possible?

Post by kyledooley »

Was looking at the APX vehicle adapter, since I would like better RX in the car when mobile. I also got a little spoiled with my XTL with an O3 head.

Just wondering out loud if an o3 head on an APXVA was within the realm of possible?

They do show the HMN4079 full keypad mic as an option for the APXVA. If you also look at the HMN4104 RSM for the APX, it pretty much already does what an O3 head will do (PTT, Vol, Chan, Emerg, Programmables) except it's a simple monochrome LCD vs a color TFT display.

I wonder how far a leap it really is?

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Re: APX Vehicle Adapter - O3 HHCH possible?

Post by fineshot1 »

If you had an HMN4044E W3 Mic that might work if you could work out
the wiring adapter to the GCAI connector, but you would have to test
it and see if powering up the radio would not yield any errors.
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Re: APX Vehicle Adapter - O3 HHCH possible?

Post by sjxts3000 »

O3 HHCH doesn't work with the APXVA. It's for mobiles only.
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