APX QA09000 - Digital Tone Signalling

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APX QA09000 - Digital Tone Signalling

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I've been struggling to get a solid answer from Motorola and without blowing undue money to add QA09000 - Digital Tone Signalling, I was looking for some guidance.

QCII on Analog Convention in the APX4000/6000 is a downfall from the Professional Series where you have a number of obtrusive tones to alert personnel. I know the QA09000 - Digital Tone Signalling adds the capability for QCII and Call Alert to have the Minitor Alert Tone in P25, however does anyone know if this will also work in Conventional? The help file is pretty confusing "This feature works on P25 conventional or trunked systems, providing digital Quik-Call II operation (identical in operation to the legacy analog version), however the legacy QCII does not have the Minitor Tone as an option.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.
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Re: APX QA09000 - Digital Tone Signalling

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If you are asking if the option will allow you to send QC-II tones from your portable over ANALOG CONVENTIONAL.

The answer is YES.
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