Add dtmf key pad to APX8000 2.5

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Add dtmf key pad to APX8000 2.5

Post by k7bpg »

Good Afternoon,

Is it easy as just swapping out the front plat on a APX8000 2.5 model to the keypad 3.5 model and it allow for the keypad to work? I noticed the dome buttons already exist under the 2.5 case, would like to use the key pad for shortcuts.

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Re: Add dtmf key pad to APX8000 2.5

Post by res6cue »

While true that the back chassis assembly is identical for both the 2.5 and 3.5 models, and the keypad contacts are right there under the solid plastic of a 2.5 housing, they are electronically disabled based on the radio's model number. In other words, the 2.5 is a 6AN and would need to be a 7AN in order for the DTMF keys to actually function. And no, there is no legitimate way to accomplish that.
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Re: Add dtmf key pad to APX8000 2.5

Post by N4KVE »

While there is no “legitimate” way, I once purchased a 6000 full keypad radio that started off life as a 1.5 radio. So a previous owner changed the 5AN to a 7AN. And it worked perfectly. GARY.
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Re: Add dtmf key pad to APX8000 2.5

Post by WB5ITT »

Is there a way to send 4th column DTMF (A B C D) on an 8000? I have mine doing hot keypad and the DTMF tones work great but need 4th column to control my ham stuff....I COULD use a DTMF generator on my phone but I'd prefer to have the radio do it directly.

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