APX4000 wont scan...

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APX4000 wont scan...

Post by jp450 »

I finally got a new radio, an APX4000. This is my first ASTRO radio so please bear with me as I am not accustomed to the new CPS.

I cannot get this thing to scan for the life of me. I can set up the scan list in the CPS but when I set a button or menu item to scan it error tones the button or the scan option does not show in the menu. I have compared all the settings to another radio that does scan and cant find any difference.

Radio particulars:
Model: H51SDF9PW6AN
Flash Code: 108068-Q13480-0
Firmware: R14.52.02
DSP: R14.52.02

Can someone point me in a direction?

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Re: APX4000 wont scan...

Post by C17LVFD »

Is the scan list linked to the respective personalities in your conventional or Trunking system(s)?

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