Firmware / Megas effect on CPS

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Firmware / Megas effect on CPS

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We are having a debate. We usually update the Mega firmware every couple years. Not the easiest manpower wise because it take 18+ minutes on APX mobiles.
We don't do Over The Air Programming.
Anyway sometimes we see an APX radio with older firmware and it is programmed with newer or most recent CPS. After 10 -20,000 radios programmed over the last 8-9 years, we have never seen an older firmware cause issues when programming with newer APX CPS. We once heard of an early 10.0 firmware being the cause of a mic related issue. That radio was updated to 18.0 and problem solved. However we didn't see a connection between that firmware and CPS programming. We are now at CPS 25.0

Has anyone seen a connection between not updating Mega firmware for a couple years and problems with CPS programming ?
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