APX 8500 with Q7 head but no mic hangup

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APX 8500 with Q7 head but no mic hangup

Post by WB5ITT »

Is there a way to force PL decode ON and scan to work on a APX8500 with NO mic hangup wired? Or is it just mandatory I install one?
I looked in the CPS and see HUB...is that referring to the hangup box?? If so, I think I can disable that to make the radio think there is one..(which is fine..I dont have the time to install one)

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Re: APX 8500 with Q7 head but no mic hangup

Post by alex »


Scan Configuration -> Scan Wide.

HUB Suspends Scan - controls when you pick up the microphone if the radio stops scanning.

In the conventional section turn off Carrier Detect Required but turn on Priority Channel Marking.

This should get you where you likely want to be.

Read up on these features in the help:

Carrier Detect Required:
Enables the radio to land on carrier squelch but to only unmute on Priority - Scan List Members or on a proper Private Line (PL) code detect. This applies while making an active scan of a Conventional scan list member channel, while in scan mode.

Priority Channel Marking (read the help text in CPS - it's more detailed beyond what I pasted below and impacts a few different configurations):

Enhances Priority Channel Scan performance by causing unqualified Priority Scan List Member transmissions to be "Marked" and temporarily removed from the scan list. This is particularly effective when in Landed Scan Mode on a non-priority scan list member, and when the radio briefly mutes at specific time intervals to check for Priority Member 1 or Priority Member 2 Member activity. DotBlue.png This temporary Scan List Member removal allows this muting period to be a shorter amount of time, and a shorter interruption for the current call. This feature applies only to Conventional scan list member channels.
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