FPP how to use on a apx 7500

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FPP how to use on a apx 7500

Post by phido »

Good morning

I have recentally acquired an APX 7500 remote mount dual band radio, this radio will be used
only for amateur radio. So far its a great radio and the 03CH is the icing on the cake. One of the features this radio has is FPP. I have an xtl5000-m3 that also has FPP that works fine and is easy
to use, the 7500 on the other hand has me stumped. My question is there any documentation on
how to use the 7500 FPP feature

Thanks Jim
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Re: FPP how to use on a apx 7500

Post by C17LVFD »

You need to enable fpp in radio wide and in the zone. I’d recommend a dedicated conv personality for fpp per transmission type ie analog, mixed mode, P25, so you don’t have todo as much work in real-time when fpping.

Also need to add a fpp button in the menu.

Should also mention, if you’re not seeing FPP anywhere, check to make sure it’s in the flash.

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