Cap Plus radios on LCP System

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Cap Plus radios on LCP System

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I understand best practices indicates all radios should be upgraded to LCP for consistency, but what are the consequences of operating some radios in Cap Plus, while the repeaters are upgraded to LCP? I understand the radios will work but what issues will the users experience?

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Re: Cap Plus radios on LCP System

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The radios will only talk on one site and will miss any traffic that does not originate from that site.

Obviously the roaming will not work to the other LCP sites.
Troubleshooting this can be maddening. I had several radios that got missed during an upgrade and they would work mostly but were intermittent to the point the customer was unhappy. After several failed attempts to repair them a a trip to the depot it was realized that the codeplug was wrong and was corrected.

My advice, don't even consider purposely creating this mess and not upgrading all the radios.
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