MotoTRBO & Retevis RT3

3rd Party Application Support Questions. Since there are a lot of 3rd Party Applications which can integrate with MotoTrbo why not have a place to discuss them. Feedback & experiences (both positive and negative welcome providing it is constructive!).

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MotoTRBO & Retevis RT3

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I hope this is in the correct location. I have done a bit of research but I cannot find the answer to my question. I currently have 2 of the Retevis RT3 and a Kenwood DMR repeater. I am looking to start using MotoTRBO portables but just want to confirm if they all work together or not as the cost of mototrbo is quite expensive so I dont want to waste money. I am looking mostly at the Motorola DP3400 radios but I believe they all use the same standards so I should be able to use any of the series?

Thanks in advanced.
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Re: MotoTRBO & Retevis RT3

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Yes, they work fine...I have the same radio out on both a Kenwood DMR repeater and a Motorola TRBO repeater and no issues as long as the CC and slot are set right.
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