TRBOnet Bluetooth Messenger / Data Services via Bluetooth

3rd Party Application Support Questions. Since there are a lot of 3rd Party Applications which can integrate with MotoTrbo why not have a place to discuss them. Feedback & experiences (both positive and negative welcome providing it is constructive!).

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TRBOnet Bluetooth Messenger / Data Services via Bluetooth

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Hi All,

I am playing with an XPR 7550 and I am trying to figure out how to connect the TRBOnet Bluetooth Messenger application from Google Play to my radio. It is asking for a TMS Port and TMS DMR Port but I am not sure where I would get that from. Would I get that from the IP Site Connect? I am trying to play with this simplex to test it.

I have also seen that Data Services via Bluetooth needs to be turned on. From what I have read is that you need an Entitlement Key "HKVN4249 Data Service via Bluetooth" but when searching in the Motorola Shop Catalog nothing is displaying on there. I know that some of the features are currently down but I thought that the search would still work.

I have the latest firmware and CPS.

Any ideas?


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