Mototrbo CPS question: Version

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What radios do you own?: Motorola XiR P8600

Mototrbo CPS question: Version

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I just got my hands on a Motorola XiR P8600 (For other regions: DP4400, XPR7350, DGP5050).
It is a second hand unit and I have not get a programming cable for myself yet. FW02.06.11 on the sticker.

However, I have the CPS v10 AZ software which I had installed earlier.

What I am worried about is, does anyone have any advice on should I use the version 10 of CPS or should I find a lower version?
I heard that there are problems with locking it into narrowband mode if you use anything later than CPS v8.0
Should I be concerned about this?

I just find that it is very hard to find information on the Mototrbo but this site looks like it has a lot of discussions going on.

I am planning to borrow a programming cable from a friend to enable the Bluetooth toggle button and install a Bluetooth board instead later on for CPS programming. Just wondering if I will miss anything when using the BT board.

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Re: Mototrbo CPS question: Version

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As I recall, versions up through 10.anything still allowed setting analog for either 25 or 12.5 kHz channel width. The requirement for a 25 kHz entitlement keyfile began at 11.0.1 and created significant rancor within the Moto-ham DMR population, including myself. It was not one of Moto's well explained or well communicated CPS policy changes. I had ordered a copy of 10.(last) CPS for my XPR7550s, but Parts shipped me 11.0.1 with nary a hint about the change.
There were several major changes to the DSP audio processing in CPS versions beyond 11.0, so get yourself a WB keyfile to load alongside the NB-only CPS on your laptop.
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