APX7000 consolette and MCD500 questions

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APX7000 consolette and MCD500 questions

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I recently took over as the communications person at a service that has an APX7000 consolette and MCD500 deskset. The first issues is, the previous comms guy had them set up as a VOIP system with the consolette at his personal site and the deskset at the office. When he left, he brought everything back in a box. I have never worked on a system like this, so I'm starting from scratch.

First question...Does anyone have a electronic copy of the manual for these? I have had no luck finding one and have hit brick walls with Moto.

Second question... Has anyone ever set up one of these in this configuation that I could contact and help guide me?

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Re: APX7000 consolette and MCD500 questions

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All of the documentation and manuals for both the consolette and the MCD5000 are available on Motorola Online. If you don't have an account there, you should if you are working with this kind of stuff.
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