MCD5000 to W9 Consolette with FKN8690

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MCD5000 to W9 Consolette with FKN8690

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Has anyone successfully connected a MCD5000 to a Legacy W9 Consolette Via the FKN8690 Cable?

Which Radio Accessory Connector 2 OR 3 is the appropriate one to use?
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Re: MCD5000 to W9 Consolette with FKN8690

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Evening W4NMH,

I have done so with a dual RJ45 to DB25 like Motorola would send with the MC3000 and straight through cables. Didn't need the factory cable.

I wired the adapter against J3

Things worked great once programmed and gliches removed

Don't forget to enable digital control of the consolette or the SB9600 commands will never be transacted.

If the lights are out when you leave the station and then come on the second you key up, you know you have enough power.
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