CDN1337 Junction Box + RCH3000

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CDN1337 Junction Box + RCH3000

Post by W3AXL »

Hi all.

Not sure how many people here have experience with the RCH3K's, but I'm trying to get a small system set up at home and am having some difficulty getting everything to work.

I've got the CDN1337 junction box working with a single RCH and an MCS2000. The problem is that currently the only port that can communicate with the radio is the rear host port. It works fine in that configuration, but any RCH connected to the front ports don't function and just go 01/90.

I've got the cables wired in the proper mirrored fashion, and according to the manual the pinouts should be correct. For whatever reason it's like the front ports are disconnected.

Wondering if anyone else was/is using the junction box with RCH3000's. If need be I might just upgrade to MC3000's, although I've heard they're not as good.
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Re: CDN1337 Junction Box + RCH3000

Post by akrovers »

It took me awile to figure this out but the rich-3000 will 01/90 if it is not powered on at the exact same time as the Mcs-3000, possibly because everybody needs to handshake at the exact same time. Power a rch-3000 and the radio off the same buss and switch on, see what happens
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