7.17 K-Core data server problems

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7.17 K-Core data server problems

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Hi guys... Haven't posted in ages, hope everyone is doing well!

I'm running into an issue while staging a K2 system. This is a brand new 7.17 K2 with 2 OP's, standalone Config Manager and standalone CAM. Software installation was done following the 7.17 documentation to a T. Configuration Manager opens with all associated services running with no issues. After building the initial database for this system, we can force initialize both CSC's and sync status is green. Problem is, there is no option to force initialize or distribute any changes to the CCGW/AIS/Consoles data server.

Just a couple notes:
-Box Profiles were installed, CM installed, then Windows supplemental transconfig device-specific scripts run
-hosts file has entries for CSC's, ZDS, ADS, etc.
-All network adapters have lmhosts lookup disabled
-PC's are HP Z440, so legacy switch compatibility is enabled and speed/duplex is set for 100M Full

Just curious whether anyone has seen anything like this... We have staged multiple K2's running 7.16, and never had an issue like this.

Thanks in advance!
James Eslinger

York, Maine
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