MIP5000 Audio Recording

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MIP5000 Audio Recording

Post by celltech25 »

Has anyone used a IP recorder for a MIP5000

Looking at picking up the RTP streams to go to the recorder via multi cast

I see my channels RX audio on

RX Channel 1 50004
RX Channel 2 50008

But the TX seems to be on 50000 but its common to every channel

ie if Im on Channel 2 talking the TX audio records on Channel 1 and 2 of the recorder

Looking for a common stream that would have tx and rx audio for each channel seperately
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Re: MIP5000 Audio Recording

Post by RFguy »

I think you're out of luck. The approved recorder solution was cancelled a few years back (NICE) and there has not been another brand willing to spend the $$$ in Motorola licencing and R&D to develop a solution.
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