Avtec or Mcc7500 Console and Cisco 8851 Phones

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Avtec or Mcc7500 Console and Cisco 8851 Phones

Post by celltech25 »

Anyone have any experience hooking up Cisco IP phones to a Avtec or Motorola Console for Headset audio

Customer is in process of obtaining one of the 2 above coneolse and has asked us to interface the headsets to both the radio and Phone

I have done this in the past with Centracom and Cassidian Phones using the headset jack boxes as well as Zetron

But cant find any info about how to tie to the IP phones,

Avtec is saying they can do it but it would require you to answer the call on the Phone screen and then click a button on the radio console to transfer the headset audio to the phone and then push a button on the adapter to talk over the radio

trying to eliminate picking up the handset on the phone and then clicking a screen button to talk on the phone

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Re: Avtec or Mcc7500 Console and Cisco 8851 Phones

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You will need to have an interface from the Cisco phone that provides 1. Rx audio pair, 2. Tx audio pair. 3. Off-Hook Pair.
SOME phone manufacturers do provide an add-on module to the phone set for this purpose. Don't know about Cisco but if you have a support number for them best thing to do is call and ask or at least see if there's a 3rd party provider that can support that particular set.
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Re: Avtec or Mcc7500 Console and Cisco 8851 Phones

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Not sure that has been done before successfully, but Cisco would know. Here's a link to their user manual which will get you started.
https://web.peralta.edu/it/files/2011/0 ... -Guide.pdf
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