Centracom COIM vs TOMI/TTOMI Programming

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Centracom COIM vs TOMI/TTOMI Programming

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Hi All,

I've come into some parts that have brought life back to my Centracom project which has been very slowly coming together. I've got a programming question.

I understand that I want to avoid the original OMIs as they require the prom burner to program. My understanding is that the TOMIs can be equipped with EEPROMs to allow programming via the RS-232 board and the series2 software.

If possible I'd like to go right to the newer COIMs as my system comes together. I'm not clear though, can I program the COIM with the series2 software, or would that require the newer CDM software for programming?

If CDM is required then the COIMs will be out of the question for me for the time being. If I use TOMI or TTOMI boards, can I still use the newer BLN7011 system timers, or would I need to drop back to the older BLN6650 timers at that point?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Centracom COIM vs TOMI/TTOMI Programming

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Yes, COIMs will support an Elite console (CIE and PC) or a B&L op position.
You will need the CDM software to setup the COIMS and any other cards that require programming to get them running.
PM me for more information on your specific needs.

You will be WAY better off to get the CDM and a couple COIM's to do a build out. The Series-2 stuff is getting REALLY long in the tooth. You would certainly need a DOS box to do that work and the Series-2 programming was difficult to understand and implement a working system with. The CDM stuff, while still complex is way more friendly to those that are new to programming a console system.
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