SB9600 on Astro25

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SB9600 on Astro25

Post by W3AXL »

Hi all!

Curious if anyone has any info on SB9600 communication with the XTL series (and by extension the other Astro25 radios as they share the same signal lines). I have a grand scheme to create a remote control utility able to remotely operate a couple radios in a similar way to the old vRCH tool that existed for the MCS2000 series.

The signal lines (BUS+,BUS-,BUSY) are present on the J2 connector, but they don't seem to do anything "out of the box" so to say. I've got them hooked in to my RIB and I don't see any data flowing no matter what I do on the radio. I'm curious if the fact that I'm running an O5 control head as opposed to an W-series head somehow disables SB9600 alltogether.

Allegedly some of the "official" Moto remote control devices (like the RGU for the MCD consoles) use SB9600 for communication so in theory what I want to do is possible. Just wondering if anyone's ever taken this deep of a dive into interfacing with the radios.
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Re: SB9600 on Astro25

Post by DCFluX »

I've been working with SB9600 / SBEP on the CDM series for a similar project.
I wanted to do the CDM before moving on to something else like the Astro Spectra or XTL line
The one thing hanging me up is how to set the PL tone frequencies and change between carrier and tone squelch.
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