Adding aux in audio to nonsync equipped 2013 and up Ford PIs

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Adding aux in audio to nonsync equipped 2013 and up Ford PIs

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I have figured out how to make and add the aux audio in cable for the 2013 and up Ford PI's that did not come with sync. The cable itself will cost roughly $40 and shipping. If your AUX button on the stereo does nothing then it will require a dealer trip to activate it and I will give instructions for this. It shouldn't take a tech who knows the IDS system more than 15 minutes to do this.

In order to install this you must tear the dash apart to and remove the CD player and get to the electrical plug that goes into the back of it. The supplied harness will have four OEM leads that slide and snap into specific open terminals on the the plug. You will also drill a hole in the dash where it would normally have the aux in jack to install a jack. Without an equipment console its a fairly simple job. With one depends on how your console is mounted but it probably will need to be moved back or removed.

Is there much interest out there for this? If there is I can order the parts and make a bunch up of cables.

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