Status Box W/ CDM

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Status Box W/ CDM

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I am the Radio Tech for a local agency and we are currently using VHF CDM1250s and CM300s. We are looking at setting up repeaters in the units using RICK boxes but on of the questions I was approached with was the use of status boxes along with the RICK so that units could simply transmit their messages and status without having to get on the Radio as much. I know the status box is not conventionally used with the CDM/CM lines but I was wondering if there was a way to "convert" them to use for those product lines.
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Re: Status Box W/ CDM

Post by chartofmaryland »

Wow, humm,

So you want to cross band repeat voice communications and do MDC status messaging?

You can do about anything in analog with the CDM's and the CM product line. That said, there are a number of built in calling options on the 1250's if your users can stand to use the control head to navigate to these features . If that will not fit the bill then an external MDT style device is always an option.

You will want to check how the MDT will be communicating back to the dispatcher or person monitoring the status of the user. Some use MDC1200 signalling just like the type used in the mobiles natively. Some use a proprietary data which while still in the voice bandpass can have issues through repeaters and back haul infrastructure.

Once you have chosen your MDT solution, I would hook it up directly to a CDM via the 16 pin and test it completely. Some of the intricacies as I had mentioned require you set the transmit audio pins to FLAT audio over pre-emphasised along with some boxes having level sets in them to check for positive data capture. Do all of those alignments first and then try and run the MDT from the accessory port on the RICK.

Once you are on the RICK and running the MDT, check your audio levels and clarity. Should you have had to change your transmit audio settings, make sure you only change the one for the MDT to mate up to the pin you are using. Pin 5 is normally set aside for FLAT audio and the CDM software can manage that pin alone to enable that.

You don't want to kill your audio for your cross-band operation where your users are all sounding like they are talking through a paper towel tube.

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