What antenna's are you having good luck with?

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What antenna's are you having good luck with?

Post by Pj »

I've been using Comtelco antenna's for quite awhile and have been pretty happy with them. Anyone have good luck with recent installs for lowband and VHF? I'm tempted to try something new (1/4 for everything from lowband to 800 due to clearance issues) but curious on whats working for you.

Also interested in luck for wifi/cell/gps soultions - combination units or portions there of.
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Re: What antenna's are you having good luck with?

Post by FireCpt809 »

I use a sti-co Flexi whip for VHF because of clearance issues with my garage door. I have had good luck with it. I cut one down to UHF just so they match on the roof.
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Re: What antenna's are you having good luck with?

Post by motorola_otaku »

Laird CW series for low band. CW27 covers 26-31 MHz >1.5 SWR with no tuning, the CW30 does the same for 29-34 MHz. Black/spring versions of both are available (CWB27S and CWB30S respectively.) For six meters I modified Laird's CHP special antenna (WPC39S0B-001) by bypassing the matching network and trimming the whip to a quarter-wave at 52 MHz. Work good last long time.

For multi-band cellular/GPS/wifi I'm trying to convince the powers that be at work to start using these on our Sierra Wireless modems: https://www.tessco.com/products/display ... ventPage=1
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