2015 Ford SUV Police Interceptor

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2015 Ford SUV Police Interceptor

Post by dearles »

Having an issue of intermittent Siren audio. Lightbar works fine. Has a Whelen CenCom Sapphire Siren package connected thru the vehicle wiring harness to the Speaker. Whelen had not heard of any issues.
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Re: 2015 Ford SUV Police Interceptor

Post by Jim202 »

You haven't been very descriptive of the problem your having.

Does the radio speaker audio or the PA audio also show an intermittent audio output?

I would start with looking at all the speaker wire connections if this is the case. If you don't find a poor connection, then you might have a bad speaker / driver on the speaker. This will show up by being intermittent or just plain dead. Some speaker drivers can be replaced and some can not.
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