XTL dual 05 control head programming

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XTL dual 05 control head programming

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XTL – Dual 05 Control Head Programming

As far as dual heads just connect the second head to either the main radio through the second blue connector, or you can daisy chain it off the blue port on the first head. In the CPS software under the "radio wide tab" select the "control head tab" then put a check mark in the "multiple control head box" in the upper left hand corner. Then under the control head style select all active. This will allow you to control all radio functions from either head, including turning a repeater on or off.

The only other thing you may need to do is change the control head ID number that is programmed in the head itself. The radio needs to see a control head 1 and a control head 2 or you will get an error if they are both the same.

To change the control head ID number shut the radio off, disconnect the head from the radio, press the "left most button under the display" and the "orange emergency button" at the same time and turn the control head on. Then rotate the channel select knob to change the control head number. Then turn off power to the head to lock the number in.

When you reconnect the head to the radio and turn the radio on, it should work as a dual head radio now.

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