5th Gen 4runner Install Advice

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5th Gen 4runner Install Advice

Post by W3AXL »

Just curious if anyone here's ever done an install in a 5th gen 4runner. I may be getting my hands on one to replace my old rig and I have a couple ideas for radio locations.

Have 3 radios to mount up and while there's ample space in back for the bricks the front leaves a little to be desired in terms of mounting space. An overhead configuration would be nice except I've heard to drop the headliner you need to remove the entire interior of the truck first - not exactly something I feel like getting into unless I absolutely have to.

Just curious if anyone else has already gone through an install on these trucks.
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Re: 5th Gen 4runner Install Advice

Post by DMR868 »

I have a 15 4 runner I run a APX 7500 dual band with a 03 head. may consider a computer mount.
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