Low Profile antenna installation

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Low Profile antenna installation

Post by VE3TUH »

Hi. Anybody have any experience with a good vhf low profile antenna for a fiberglass installation? I am looking to put one on a snow groomer with a winch on the back, the winch spins pretty close over the roof of the cab. I did some googling, one I came up with for transit applications wants a 1 5/8' hole drilled into the roof of the cab, which seems a bit excessive. I have no experience with this type of antenna and would appreciate any suggestions you might have.

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Re: Low Profile antenna installation

Post by fineshot1 »

many of these vhf low profile antennas on a fiberglass roof require a ground plane under the installation area
in order for the antenna to radiate properly. before you start any work read the installation doc as this should
be pointed out in this doc. I have seen some of them that are tunable that no ground plane was required.
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