This forum is dedicated to helping people with questions about installing radio equipment in vehicles. This can include antenna installs, electrical wiring questions/problems, and mounting systems. Pictures of installs are welcome.

Note: Discussions regarding lighting, sirens, and other equipment now has its own forum in the 'off-topic' section below.

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JAYMZ wrote:You guys don't get it do you...

The entire point of these forums are to focus on Motorola Radios. And because of that there is an area to show off any install you have made with ANY equipment, or to ask a question about a particular installation relating to your 2 way radio equipment. It can be asked along the lines of "I have a Whelen Power supply that I want to put in my car, but I am afraid that I will get line noise in my radio. How far, or where should I put my power supply so it'll play nicely with my radio?"

The whole problem that has occured in here are every dinger, whacker, buff, etc from where ever have come in and started debates about light laws, and "which dashlight should I use". It doesn't belong here, and up until lately it has not been a problem. But lately there have been more and more cases of people who lack the ability to read rules and understand the intent of these forums. So if you want to sick in a circle and spank off to whatever flashing lights you are putting on a "demo" vehicle, perhaps eLightbars is the place for you.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that it would be nice for Batlabs to be the worlds greatest repository of all things Motorola and Emergency Services. But that is not the mission or intent of Batlabs.

And sorry to be a little grumpy on the holidays, but if you really feel the need to leave over this, sorry. I respect that decision, and wish you well in the future. But the forums here won't die without you. Same rings true for any member, moderator or administrator. I am fairly certain it can live if any one of us decides to leave.
Actually Jaymz......... I, for one, do get it. I personally don't care whether there is a vehicle install forum or not. I'm not in that business, so it makes no difference to me. What does make a difference to me is the cavalier attitude that "the forums here won't die without you". This is Alex's board, administrated by you mods, but it is the people here who make this board what it is. Would anyone argue that the body of knowledge here did not take a serious hit with Monty's passing? It seems like there is a vocal group here that would like to have a section for lights and emergency equipment. What is wrong with that, as long as it does not eat up too much bandwidth? Let them go hang out in the Batlabs "Whacker Garage" forum, while the rest of us focus on radio topics. I understand that Alex and the mods want to refocus people on radio issues. But, why tell people to leave if they don't like it? Why not at least make an effort to do what you can for them? This is a community, and being a community, there are varied interests here. We can either embrace that diversity, or we can create an "Uber board", where you have to conform to specific "standards". Which board would you rather be a part of? I normally am very supportive of the mods, and I support their effort to "get back to radio", in this case. But to the exclusion of everyone else? I'm not real sure about that. And I damn sure am not real excited about the arrogance of "go ahead and leave, we'll just carry on without you".

Just my disjointed ramblings on the subject. Take them for what they are worth.
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Post by Pj »

I'll pipe in here for two seconds...

The install fourm goes up and down over the non-radio topics. At times it was no better than the lounge. I don't think that anyone said that its 100% a no-no that you cannot talk about light/sirens, but it should be in the context of radio related/RF issues.

When the "whats the best dashlight", "who makes a better subwoofer" posts make a sharp rise, there may be a problem.

Look the current page 1 in the install forum. Most are about lightbars, sirens and wig-wags. Not too much there in terms of radio equipment. I would 2nd that if you need help with the such, elightbars may be a alternative. Most there know lights and nothing about radio's.

I guess what we are looking at is a place where people don't come just for one off-topic fourm and create problems like the lounge did (there were plenty of users who created an account and ONLY posted to the lounge).

Again, the intent of the entire site is radio's, and radio related problems. We have come a long way from the days of the threaded board and trying to get the saber and x9000 into the ham bands...
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Post by CTAMontrose »

wb4bsd wrote:This post went off topic

From "new installs forum rules" to "trunking radio issues" in about 2 posts..

If you want to start up your own phpbb forum about how to program motorola radios and set them up on a private trunk system, then no one is stopping you and you can deal with the legal issues when Mother /\/\ starts breathing down your neck.

Happy New Year!

as someone whos job it is to program radios for a smartzone astro TRS, the advice to get a scanner is very good advice. how pissed off would one of you be if you put your radio on our system, and we inhibited it. So much for your shiney new toy. You think us or moto would uninhibit it for you? not a chance pal. You start making noise, then up comes the question "well gee how did you get our system key? here speak into the flower". Trust me when i say this, a Pro-96 sounds good in astro, so the old "my moto sounds better" isnt really valid anymore. Will the 96 do OFB? nope, but neither will your XTS without our keys.

as for the lightbars, why is everyone so pissed about this? There are plenty of other sites that would probably be BETTER to get info from than here. I mean crap, whats next, we make a Houseplant section because some of us have plants next to our radios? "yeah will my 800Mhz radio kill my ficus?" Where does it stop? the way i interpret this, they are not totally eliminating sirens/lights etc, they are just trying to get rid of the blatently obvious subjects that have NOTHING to do with motorola. Hell some of the crap i have seen actually related to XM radio and stereo equipment.

People whined when the lounge was shut down, and screamed "thats it we are leaving, your site is DONE mister!!" and look what happened. Alot of the OT crap is gone and the site is doing quite well. As a side benefit, john made a site dedicated to just being a "batlounge" and its working out quite well. Someone go register "" and watch the masses from here go there. nothing wrong with that at all

thanks Alex.
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Post by Rick Rock »

Thats it Alex- your banned from the lounge! We got skipped over completely for OT discussion areas and gets the honor?


Just kidding, had to give a little $#!t!

We are taking on new members daily @ but make sure you have an honorable email address, as I personally verify EVERY new account!
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Post by alex »

Ok guys - here's the deal.

We are going to listen to you guys - i know - big shocker - but in talks with the other moderators and admins, we are in some serious discussions about restructuring some space to allow for this dicussion to potentialy continue.

This isn't a yes it will, or a no it won't, but it's looking kinda good right now.

So... hang in there another day or two, and let us hash some of this out.

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Post by kmoose »

alex wrote:Ok guys - here's the deal.

We are going to listen to you guys - i know - big shocker - but in talks with the other moderators and admins, we are in some serious discussions about restructuring some space to allow for this dicussion to potentialy continue.

This isn't a yes it will, or a no it won't, but it's looking kinda good right now.

So... hang in there another day or two, and let us hash some of this out.


Thanks! That is my only issue with it. If the decision is made not to, after taking the opinions of the people on the board into account, then that is fine by me. I'll support it......besides, everyone should go over to the batlounge, and see what a real radio installation looks like. :wink:

John has added an install forum over there, for those who "just have to have it". This board continues to be, in my opinion, the source for Motorola radio information. I, myself, have learned numerous things here, from some of the basics, up to programming radios out of band. I'm glad to see that the management is sympathetic to, without being completely controlled by, the views of the people on the board.
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Post by ab »

OK, what part of "Vehicle radio Installs" don't you whinners (wackers) get ?

I agree with Alex on this even that I'm only a troll here with this nick,
but I will post good info about installs on radios, heads, ect.

I also belong to closed usergroups with my real name and some of you on this site know who I am. When I look around here at lunch, my time is to short to read all non radio stuff.
I have found good and poor info here on installs and have learned a lot by just lurking here about moto units I never install because we do not use them at work but might what one for my hobby use.

Sometimes posts go off course here with all the lightbar junk.
This just slows down finding useful info on radios, mdts, vrms, gps and other equipment in the RF field, or someone in need of advice that someone else can help.

With that said, the new forum should help this one more on focus,

tnx Alex

still lurking here
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