Centracom II & II+ Part Numbers

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Centracom II & II+ Part Numbers

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A list of part numbers and their descriptions relating to Centracom II / II+ Dispatch Consoles & CEB's

BLN1138 = Keypad board for B&L Radio Control Panel (RCP) Master control Panel (MCP)
BLN1145 = Dual Receive (DR) Module - two receive-only channels
BLN1148 = Headset Jack Box. "B" Rev = OSHA Audio Level Mod.
BLN1170 = Trunked Operator Multiplex Interface (TOMI, CC II+)
BLN1172 = Trunking Central Controller Interface (TIMI)
BLN1173 = Logging Operator Multiplex Interface (LOMI)
BLN1208 = AIMI (Ambassador Interface, replaces System Timer)
BKN6135 = "Y" Interface cable from backplane & AEI to OP position
BLN6617 = Numeric & Bargraph Display board for B&L RCP/MCP
BLN6622 = Operator Multiplex Interface (OMI, CC II)
BLN6631 = Channel Control Module (7-Button w/ volume pot.)
BLN6640 = Dual Channel Control Module (6-Button w/ 2 volume pots)
BLN6650 = System Timer (older card w/ potentiometer in front)
BLN6654 = Base Interface Module (BIM)
BLN6664 = 3/6 AUX I/O (3in 6out)
BLN6666 = Tone Line Operated Busy Light daughtercard
BLN6667 = BIM DC Control daughtercard
BLN6755 = RS232 Interface Module (Programming, etc.)
BLN6825 = Expanded Operator Multiplex Interface (OMI) SMART card - operation is defined by software installed on it.
BLN6832 = CORI (COnsole Remote Interface) (Off-Prem OP)
BLN6845 = Audio Expansion Interface (AEI, required for TOMI)
BLN6872 = Centracom Direct Phone Interface (DPI)
BLN6911 = Display Channel Control Module (5-Button w/ volume pot & digital display & LED's)
BLN7011 = System Timer (current card with SMT LED's for use in Gold Elite systems)
BLN7015 = Turbo TOMI (68020 Based trunked-capable OMI)

The following are courtesy of Bruce1807:

BGN1005 = CEB Card Cage w/o backplane
BLN1147 = Punch Block with Spark Gaps
BLN1148 = Headset Interface Jack
BLN6200 = 6 Outlet AC Power Strip
BLN6665 = Base Interface Module with DC Control & Line Operated Busy Light
BLN6666 = Base Interface Module Tone Control w/ Line Op Busy Light
BLN6725 = AUX II 6In/2Out AUX I/O
QRN4250 = CEB Interface Without Pilot Tone Output
QRN4546 = ROCI Without tones
QRN4547 = CORI Without tones

The following are part numbers and descriptions for CCM panels used in Button & LED consoles. These correspond to the listings in the Centracom Series2 programming software. There may be errors in this list, and as always, it isn't complete. I didn't include any detailed descriptions about the trunking panels as I have no interest or use for them and didn't explore them fully.

Channel Control Modules:

Q2960 = T8/R8 8 Frequency Channel Control Module
B1436 = Auxiliary Control
B1432 = Dual Receive Channel Control Module
B1408-1 = Receive Only Channel Control Module
B1439 = Comparator Display
B1433 = Phone Patch Interface
B1632 = Phone Interface
B1403 = Speaker
B1403-1 = Speaker
B1448 = Call Check Control Module
B1621 = Trunking
B1619 = Trunking
B1620 = Trunking
B1622 = Trunking
B1623 = Trunking
B1665 = Trunking
Q2951 = Trunking
B1655 = Trunking
B1664 = Trunking
B1663 = Trunking
B1662 = Trunking
B1695 = Trunking
B1675 = Trunking
Q3194A = Trunking (CAD Interface)
Q3095A = Mini T1/R1 1CH Channel Control Module (Half Module)
Q3107A = T2/R2 2CH Channel Control Module
Q3108A = T8/R8 8CH Channel Control Module
Q2948 = CAD Interface
Q2949 = CAD Interface
Q2971 = Tone HEAR Control Module
Q2939-1 = Receive Only Module
Q2939-4 = Receive Only Module (Poss. Quad Receive Only)
B1654 = T1/R1 1CH Display Channel Control Module (DCCM)*
B1656 = T2/R2 2CH Display Channel Control Module (DCCM)*
B1657 = T4/R4 4CH Display Channel Control Module (DCCM)*
B1658 = T8/R8 8CH Display Channel Control Module (DCCM)*
B1661A = Receive Only Module

*DCCM's are not compatible with standard OMI cards. May be a Centracom II+ only feature.

Centracom II/II+ Firmware Part Numbers:

5190022H28 = Centracom DPI Firmware (Installs on host BIM)
5190088C06 = WWV BIM Firmware (Installs on host BIM)
5190016C16 = Compact/Dispatcher B&L OP Firmware (Installs on B&L Main Board)
5190002C89 = 16 AUX I/O Firmware (Installs on 16 AUX I/O card)
5190022H24 = System Timer Firmware (For newer Sys. Timer cards)
5191012N62 = U3 TIMI Firmware (Installs on BLN6825 to make TIMI)
5191012N63 = U4 TIMI Firmware (Installs on BLN6825 to make TIMI)
5191012N64 = U5 TIMI Firmware (Installs on BLN6825 to make TIMI)
5191012N65 = U6 TIMI Firmware (Installs on BLN6825 to make TIMI)
5191012L19 = U03 LOMI Firmware (Installs on BLN6825 to make LOMI)
5191012L20 = U04 LOMI Firmware (Installs on BLN6825 to make LOMI)
5191012L21 = U05 LOMI Firmware (Installs on BLN6825 to make LOMI)
5191012L22 = U06 LOMI Firmware (Installs on BLN6825 to make LOMI)
5191012L23 = U07 LOMI Firmware (Installs on BLN6825 to make LOMI)
5191012L24 = U08 LOMI Firmware (Installs on BLN6825 to make LOMI)
5190044C05 = Dual Receive Firmware (Installs on BLN1145)
5191006H93 = BIM Firmware (Installs on BLN6654, 1993 Ver.)
5190044C02 = BIM Firmware (Installs on BLN1144, 1987 Ver.)
5190022H13 = BIM Firmware (Installs on BLN1144, 1989 Ver.)
5190044C14 = MCP Firmware (Installs on rackmount B&L Main Board)
7282090T01 = Replacement digital display module for DCCM's.

More to follow.
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