PT-800 Product Information

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PT-800 Product Information

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The PT-800 was a tablet PC repackaged by GETAC for Motorola. GETAC is know for their ultra rugged laptops and marketed mostly for the military. The GETAC model number for the unit is the CA25. It features an XGA stylus based display in a sealed magnesium alloy die-cast case in the "new" silver styling that the MW-800 has. All ports are protected by rubber seals to make it weather resistant.

The PT-800's were recalled by Motorola for an unknown reason. People at Motorola and GETAC would not get into specifics, but I personally suspect it was related to heat issues and the high cost of parts. GETAC service makes the Motorola Depot look like a 99 cent store. As these are sealed units, the case it used as a giant heat pipe to get rid of heat. Windows XP tends to work processors harder, and when running XP, this unit can get quite warm. Windows 2000 tends to generate less heat (similar to the MW520's running similar OS's and are of a fanless design).

Although marketed for the public safety user, many were actually sold to Avis Car Rental. From time to time, salvage lots will show up on ebay. If any parts are broken, it will be a very expensive repair. Internally, the units are very compact and difficult to work on unless your experienced with tablet PC's.

PT800's were available as Windows 2000 or Windows XP machines. Windows XP Tablet Edition will also work with the unit, but was not available as an option.

Specs from the Motorola Product Sheet:
Processor: Intel Mobile Pentium III 700 MHz Processor
Core logic: Intel 440MX-100 Chipset
Memory: 128 MB Standard upgradeable to 256 MB
VGA: 8 MB Video Ram, Support dual function, LCD/CRT simultaneous display capability
Display: 10.4˝ TFT XGA (1024x768) LCD Panel, Touch/Pen Input Screen, Sunlight Readable Panel/Transflective optional
Storage: External 3.5˝ 1.44MB FDD (optional), External CD-ROM/DVD-ROM module (optional)
HDD: 20 GB HDD with shock resistance damper
Keyboard: Full QWERTY USB backlit keyboard (optional)
FDD: External USB
PCMCIA: One Type-II, ZV/CardBus support
Pointing Device: A touch-sensitive control pad with Microsoft Win Mouse function coexist
I/O Ports: One RS-232 serial port
One ruggedized, pogo-pin style hot-docking port
One USB port
One RJ-11 modem port

Options included a GPS, serial port, expanded serial ports, data modems, WIFI in the side expansion bay. Only one module could be used at a time and was not hot swappable. A clip on CCD camera was also available. The optional WIFI expansion bay contains a Cisco 350 PCMCIA card.

The optional keyboard is the same as the MW-800 USB keyboard.

From the Motorola press release:
The Motorola Portable Tablet Computer 800 provides a powerful combination of portability, accessibility and versatility. Completely ruggedized and lightweight, the PT 800 easily docks in a vehicle and can be carried in hand. A high-resolution LCD screen, also available with transflective coating, provides complete “touch screen” capabilities and a dispensable on-screen keyboard. Like the ML 800, the PT 800 runs Windows2000 and WindowsXP operating systems, as well as all Motorola Public Safety software. With a high-capacity 20GB hard drive and fast Intel® Mobile Pentium III processor, the PT 800 can handle a vast array of data quickly and efficiently.
Sample pricing taken from a state contract, $3536:
PT 800 Tablet Computer PIII 700MHz, 256 MB RAM,
20 GB HD, XP OS, 10.4" Touch Screen w/ External
1.44 Drive, On Screen Keyboard, and 3 Year Warranty

L3289A - Windows 2000 based PT800

Lowband radio. The original and non-complicated wide area interoperable communications system
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