Updating APX firmware from 2.00...lol

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Updating APX firmware from 2.00...lol

Post by MSS-Dave »

Ok... So this is hideously old FW. I have resisted updating 1 of my 4 APXs just because it seemed like every release was a beta test. I'm at 5.00 on 2, 7.00 on mine and the last is the 2.00 as received from Motorola.

Anyone see any issue with taking the 2.00 unit up to the 8.01 directly or should it be done in steps? I figure if it craps out, this is a non-critical radio that can go to the depot (shudder...) if it needs to. I'm still using the 7.00 CPS but I can bump it up to the latest release of the week when needed..... :lol:

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