XTL5000 firmware upgrade issues

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XTL5000 firmware upgrade issues

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I took a dashmount XTL5000 awhile back and attempted to do the FW12 to FW17.x upgrade a few months back. At some point it barf'ed and wouldn't take the FW update and rendered the radio invisable to read/write with CPS via the GCAI or the rear port. Apparently (according to the FW19 release notes) 19 was suppose to solve this issue.

After going thru the motions for an hour (display would show invaild firmware often) it finally took today and recovered the radio to read/write via GCAI with CPS 18, but the firmware is stuck at 12.

Now, I didn't have a problem upgrading my 800 radio (O3) to 17.x before, but now that radio will not upgrade to 19 and is stuck at 17.x.

Since I didn't have an iButton I used the manual flashzap method.

Any suggestions?
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