APX Firmware R12 Release notes

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APX Firmware R12 Release notes

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APX Firmware R12 Released today. Sorry for the poor format

FLASH memory reorganization Important Note
Received calls missed intermittently when MDC DOS is enabled Issue Update

7.14.5 8/11/2014 Host R12.00.00 DSP R12.00.00 CH R18.00.00 CPS R12.00.00
APX LTE [APX7000L Portable Radio Model 1.5 and 3.5 with LTE capability] New/Replacement Product
APX 1000 Portable Radio Models 1.5, 2 and 3 New/Replacement Product
UHF Range 1 APX6000 needs retune Important Note
FLASH memory reorganization Important Note
APX Dual Radio Operation New Feature
APX Quick Call II Support (Decode Only) New Feature
APX Concurrent Receive (Rx) Support for 12.5 KHz Channels New Feature
P25 Trunking Call Alert over APX7500 Consolette via MCC7500 ACIM link New Feature
APX Differential Codeplug New Feature
APX support for CommPort accessory New Feature
Zone/Channel Changes May Fail When Multiple Change Methods Are Configured Issue Update
DVRS PSU(s) and APX MSU Will Miss Console Audio Directly After a PSU Call Issue Update
DVRS PSU(s) Intermittently Miss Console Audio Directly After a PSU Call Issue Update
APX Radio May Stop Receiving Vote Scan Frequency Traffic when a Mixed Vote Scan Enabled System is a Priority Member Issue Update
MDC OTAR Rekey Request Fails After Re-creating a KMC profile for the same ID Issue Update
Intermittent APCO Trunked System Access issues in simulcast overlap areas. Issue Update
Radio Management 1.3 New CPS Feature
Capability to Move Records New CPS Feature
FCC Narrowbanding Mandate Important Note
Batch Programming CPS Known Problem
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