MC2100 aka MCS2000 mobile set

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MC2100 aka MCS2000 mobile set

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Goodmorning !

Looking for an answer to a question on a problem with my Motorola MC2100 (MCS2000 lookalike) I saw your forum ! The problem I have here is that when I put on voltage on the 12 V backside-connector the set immedatley powers up, so when mounted in the car and going to "ignition" the MC2100 goes on the same time.
Is there a solution to solve that, that it stays off ? Had a look at the acc connector, there is a pin called Ignition, what is the function of it ?
Cannot find anything about in on the Internet, or was looking at the wrong place, hi.
Have several MC2100 VHF / UHF, from former Firebrigade and MOD, and like to make it function normally.
Or do I have to put a switch in between the powercord ? Programming isn't the problem, I have sw and hw.

Tnx in advance,

73, de Jan PE1PMO, Netherlands. (also PE1PMO@VERON.NL)
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Re: MC2100 aka MCS2000 mobile set

Post by fineshot1 »

The public safety common way to to hook up power to an MCS2000 is to have constant +12V
to the main power cord connection and the Accessory connector pin 15 (ignition) to a +12V
ignition source which should power up the radio. I always setup the above Accessory connector
in CPS programming software to be "Soft Power Off". In this way the radio power up and down
follows the ignition +12V and also allows the operator to be able to overide powerup the ignition
with the push button IE: Radio is off and pushing the button turns on the radio - like the officer
is off to the side of the road with the engine off.

I recommend you go through both the physical accessory connections and the cps settings and make
sure physical acc pins 9 and 10 are shorted together - if not the radio will power up and send an emergency
data burst as soon as +12V is turned on to the main power connection to whatever radio system it was originally programmed for.
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