Green XE RSM Issues

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Green XE RSM Issues

Post by PropellorHead »

Has anybody else had issues with the NNTN8203A Green XE RSM speaker mics? We have them for our APX 8k's and always seem to have issues with low audio, static or no audio transmitted at all. We've swapped mics out with Motorola and the issues seem to always crop up. I'm wondering if it's the mics or the radios.

I've attempted to rule out the user error stuff: dirty contacts; waiting to turn the radio on until after the mic is attached, etc. What makes it also frustrating is that the issue is intermittent and only seems to crop up when somebody has something important to transmit (request for PD; size up for a fire, etc).

Thoughts? Experiences?
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Re: Green XE RSM Issues

Post by motorola_otaku »

Fleet of 200+ here. I'd say our percentage of genuine failures and not operator error or physical damage has been in the low single digits.

We've had a handful of intermittent no mic audio issues that went away after testing, but our most common issue seems to be the red emergency light coming on and not going out or ACCY HW N/A on the radio.
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Re: Green XE RSM Issues

Post by resqguy911 »

We have a few thousand in service across a few departments. You name the problem, we've seen it. Bad boards in the heads, bad cables, bad connectors, bad strain relief. Hundreds of them have been swapped out over the last three years. All XE with XT cables.
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