MotoTrbo Digital Audio Quality

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MotoTrbo Digital Audio Quality

Post by Lubecktech »

We are starting to have customers wishing to use the digital aspect of their Trbo radio systems mainly for increased channel capacity. Generally after the conversion they complain about the audio quality usually the RX being hard to understand - I have yet to hear anyone go to DMR and say "this is great we should have done it sooner".
What radio configurations are you folks using to get the best audio quality??
Digital AGC sounds fair but is tends to result in audio which is too low. A couple days ago I configured a power plant (about 45 radios) customer with the digital mic gain at +18, mic distortion control on with the option to turn DAGC on, trill enhancement on and audio profile set to trebble boost. This resulted in audio which best pleased the client. I would love to hear configurations which others have found successful.
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Re: MotoTrbo Digital Audio Quality

Post by jry »

not sure from your post what vintage MotoTrbo you are on but I would make sure your firmware is updated.

On the initial radios Motorola apparently intentionally degraded the audio quality so that P25 /higher tier radio sales would have an advantage ( not my discovery ...Mars was the one who looked into this years ago since the core chipset was the same IIRC )

Believe Mars also published a tweak or fix for this and forced Motorola to correct in later vintages.

Not the expert on this ....just my rough understanding.

Regardless latest firmware is a best practice to start but some background to justify the effort if needed.
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Re: MotoTrbo Digital Audio Quality

Post by RFguy »

Motorola has, and continues to do a very poor job of communicating any useful information for the configuration and use on MOTOTRBO radios.

We had a customer requesting some training info to help train their users on the proper use of the radios (mic placement etc). Motorola could not provide a single training video to help their customers use their radios.

Motorola used to produce a document showing what audio levels to use for each audio accessory. That document has not been updated for years.

They just don't seem to understand or appreciate that the success of a radio system isn't just dependent on the sale of the radio.
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Re: MotoTrbo Digital Audio Quality

Post by HWRTcomm »

Hi, I have a fleet of XPR3500e & XPR7550e's and we struggled with audio levels. These were attributed to users being used to not having to talk directly into the mic in addition to loud ambient noise.
Over a few months, I played around with settings and I have found that using +6 gain with no AGC, treble boost, SINC (HKVN4373) and RX Audio Leveling (HKVN4492A) makes the audio difference like night and day. The results make it almost sound like an APX900 on a P25 Phase 2 system.
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