IFR or GADSS. Please help

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IFR or GADSS. Please help

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Hi everybody.
Lack for advice.
We need avionics tester preferable IFR 4000, but currently the budget is cut and we need more economical solution.
I found a GT-1 GADSS Tester that is similar to 4000 but still hesitating.
What the manufacturer says:

GADSS Tester GT-1 allows to:
Measure 406 MHz ELT (ELT-DT) frequency and output power. Decodes and displays all location and user protocols;
Measure VHF/UHF transmitter frequency, output power, AM and FM modulation and receiver sensitivity;
Measure HF transmitter frequency, output power, modulation (AM) and SSB USB/LSB receiver sensitivity;
Measure VHF/UHF antenna and feeder SWR in range;
Measure 121.5/243 Hz emergency beacon transmitter frequency, output power and AM modulation. Audio output for headphones to monitor swept tone;
Measure AIS transmitter frequency and output power; Decodes AIS message content;
Frequency counter provides external frequency measurement in range from 0.5 to 512 MHz.
Generation of ARINC 596 Selective Calling Tones (Mode: SELCAL)
Simulation of Localizer and Glideslope (CAT I, II and III). Signals with variable DDM settings.
Simulation of VOR beacon with variable bearing.

Who knows this one?
The price is lower than IFR and functions almost the same.. Is it worth buying?
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