Anyone still use a Jedi ?

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Anyone still use a Jedi ?

Post by MT2000 man »

Just started getting into the Jedis again after many years with the XTS3000/5000.

Picked up a super mint mts2000 uhf A4. On local GMRS it does really well. Also picks up signals just as good if not better than my xts3000. To my surprise - I ordered the extra long 3” metal belt clip from Escomm. I thought for sure those would’ve been long since discontinued by now but I guess there’s still people out there using Jedi gear.

The APX has been out for a long time too but I really have no need for a multi-band radio as mostly everything is UHF here.
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Re: Anyone still use a Jedi ?

Post by KB1OHZ »

There's absolutely still some in front line service around my area. My agency still has a handful of MTS2000's in support roles, I'm confident they'd be front line but they use a different battery from the XTS and that would confuse guys too much.

One of the agencies near us still has MANY in use with their front line guys, mostly HT1000's. It's honestly more of a pain to have to program them if there are issues than anything else.

Our MTS2000's are one of my arguments for upgrading radios honestly. You point to a 20+ year old radio that's still in good use and it helps justify spending money on a new APX with the expectation we'll have a similar return on our investment.
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