Welcome to the "off-topic" installations forum!

Discussions regarding lighting, sirens, and other PS/Emergency response equipment can be had within this forum.

Discussions regarding legalities of lights, usages, and different state laws and regulations regarding warning equipment are not permitted.
See the announcement inside the forum for more details.

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Welcome to the "off-topic" installations forum!

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Hey, I'm the first to admit when I was wrong about something. All members comments were appreciated. It's because of comments from the members that we realized the desire/need for people to ask the trusted technical people here (as opposed to other websites) about non-radio installation issues.

As a result, this forum came into being. This will allow the focus to remain on Motorola radios in the main installation forum for those who want that, while giving the people who so choose the option of discussing other vehicle related issues here.

The only thing we ask is to refrain from posts regarding legal issues. They are kind of like political posts...you can argue in circles all day long & at the end of it all, there's still no definitive answer. It is not in the scope of this board to try & moderate that type of discussion.

And of course, the rules of conduct posted on the main page are to be followed. This is not a lounge.

Otherwise, go nuts & have fun.
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Good call, guys.
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New Group

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What radios do you own?: ht1550 XLS,6 MT-1000,

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Excellent work guys
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TY! 8)
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