FAQ: What is the accepted practice for posting in FSWT?

Rules and guidlines for posting information. All members of the forum must take the time to read and become firmiliar with the information posted here. If there are any questions, please take the time to ask anyone on the moderator or admin team.
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FAQ: What is the accepted practice for posting in FSWT?

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Because of the amount of traffic on the board (and since I've had to PM at least 5 different people on this issue) I'm asking people to do the following:

When you have several items to sell, list each individual item in a single post. Do not create 6 differet topics for the 6 individual items you have for sale. This simply clutters the forum, and also moves messages posted by others (with far less to sell) to the bottom of the window. Not everyone has time to read every new post, and consolidating your items into one will significantly help people read through the forum.

Also - when posting, take a minute and carefully craft your subject. We'd like to see more information about WHAT your selling in the topic, as opposed to "LOOK HERE! COOL !!! FOR SALE!" I think you have the idea. In the posting you make please be sure to include part numbers, model numbers, and any descriptions you have.

Additionally, starting your topic off with the following may help people know more about what your looking for:

FA: (for auction - YOUR ITEMS ONLY. I would prefer **NOT** to see a lot of these posts, but I'll allow them providing they are YOUR auctions, and don't contain information that pertains to sale/trade/giving/etc of RSS.

FS: For Sale (self explanatory... I hope )

WTT: Want to trade.

Maybe a good example for a topic:

WTT: VHF Astro Spectra (136-162) for UHF (450-483) Astro Spectra

I think for the most part topic subjects aren't too bad, but they could be engineered a bit better.

Due to a problem with people editing their posts during deals and other goings on, you are now no longer able to edit your posts after they have been submitted. If you have something you'd like addressed, contact a Moderator or Admin.

Buying / Selling / Trading of firearms or related equipment is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to guns, tazers, mace or pepper spray, or other law enforcement style deadly and defensive weapons.

Occassionally, moderators or admins may move topics or delete them at their descretion if the above rules are not followed.

We will not remove topics when you sell your items, they will be pruned out of the database at intervals determined by board staff.
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