Programming the GM300

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Programming the GM300

Post by Dereck »

Is there a Windows version to program the GM300?
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No No n No

Post by Adamwest »

But you would think how much motorola cares for it users, that there would be a lot research for such a produt. I honesty I wonder if Motorola even knows what a windows based programmed is. You know they are trapped in time in the 1960's and the world its passing them by. Give them a call on the phone see how long it takes for you to get someone who speaks english or something close to it.

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Post by elkbow »

I am amazed that Motorola hasn't created newer versions to their RSS's, windows based for older radio's and such. It would be a fairly easy process for a software mushhead to create such a product, one that would even have selectable data transfers speeds in order to support the fast speed of modern CPU's and slow it down to the slow speed of writing to older radio's and their hardware.
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Post by Will »

The GM300 RSS is a good working program, WHY screw it up trying to make it into windows junk. The newer Windows RSS are hard to work with.

The GM300 series RSS wants to run on a 286 thru 386 20mhz like it was designed for. It MAY not run on faster computers and on computers running Windows 9x or later. IT WAS NOT DESIGNED TO..
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Post by elkbow »

I agree that the RSS runs great on older machines, but being an engineer myself, writing a program that is user friendly and can operate with any speed CPU would not be a big task. The thing is....why go and reinvent the wheel. I can see motorola's reasoning for not doing so, nobody else does it either, its not cost effective. So maybe I'll have to dissasseble the code and rewrite.....NOT, too much work since I already have two 486 laptops, a 486 desktop, a 466 desktop and a 866 laptop.
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Post by ExKa|iBuR »

Look at it this way.

Motorola is always on the forefront of new technolgies.

It doesn't make sense to require a shop to have an old computer laying around just for those old RSS programs.

Let's say I am setting up a NEW shop. Personally, I'd want new computers all around - but, that can't happen with old RSS. Now, let's say I had an old 486 - a good RSS computer. It won't work with the new CPS software, so now, you need 2 computers. Very inefficient.

It'd be nice if they did have some way of getting the older RSS programs to work under DOS - I'm sure the original source code is kicking around somewhere, it wouldn't be that hard to make a windows-friendly version.

Yes, Windows sucks, but, everyone uses it, and it's "standard" with new computers.

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Post by Znarx »

The problem with the RSS being compatible for windows is not the software portion of it.. the memory chipset in the radio does not like the Windows "burst" version of a serial have to remember..the GM300 is an OLD!!! radio by today's computer standards..even the SM50 was introduced before Windows 95 ... if you want to design a Windows based RSS will likely have to write your own port controller as well.... Z
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Post by 911_guy »

Another frequent problem with trying to run your DOS-based RSS on a Windows computer is actually a fight between the software and Windows. I had a chat with our computer guru the other day when I ran my Maxtrac RSS on a Windows 98 desktop, but couldn't run it on a Windows 98 laptop. Apparently in some laptops, there is a space issue in this situation, and Windows and the RSS fight to use the same info at the same time. After I thouroughly locked up our laptop (so hard Ctrl-Alt-Del wouldn't fix it) he finally explained my problem. Went to a 6.22 laptop and had no problem
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